SpeedTouch 780WL users

Details about the management users found on the SpeedTouch

If you open your user.ini configuration file in a text editor you'll find a number of users.

[ mlpuser.ini ]
add name=Administrator password=_CYP_XXXXXXXXXX role=Administrator hash2=XXXX defuser=enabled
add name=tech password=_CYP_YYYYYYYYYY role=TechnicalSupport hash2=YYYYYYY defremadmin=enabled

The fields are:

Account name
CLI password for telnet access
Account role. For a list of available roles see ":mlp role list".
Web interface password (HTTP Digest)
Various flags used by the web gui

An interesting experiment is to add a "root" user. Practically this has very little value as the default "Administrator" account has full rights, but anyway here it goes:

  1. Open your user.ini in a text editor
  2. Copy the add name=Administrator line
  3. Change name= to name=root, and role= to role=root.
  4. Save the file and restore the configuration to the router
  5. Log in to the CLI as root and run "user config password yourpassword" to have hash2 recalculated

As an alternative to "user config password" you can use the Apache htdigest command and then copy the hash from the htdigest created file to user.ini

Security warning: This "root" account can be used as an alternative hidden "tech" account if you enable remote administration.