SpeedTouch 780WL firmware upgrade

How to upgrade the Firmware of SpeedTouch 780WL using Linux.

The easiest method to upgrade the firmware when not using Windows is to upgrade via BOOTP/TFTP. In your DHCP server add an entry for the SpeedTouch MAC address, with a nextserver pointing to a local TFTP server where the updated firmware can be found and filename giving the file path on that TFTP server. Example dhcpd configuration can be found here

Before upgrading the modem, make sure to make a backup first or your configuration and possibly even the ability to reconfigure the modem for your ISP might be lost.

Then power-off the modem, and use a paper clip or similar thin object to push the reset button on the back of the modem and while pushing the reset button power on the modem. Alternatively if you have CLI access (telnet etc) use the "software upgrade" CLI command which will automatically reboot the modem into upgrade mode.

The modem should now upgrade itself, and reboot into the new firmware when completed. This takes a little time (a couple of minutes max), and don't power-off the modem while it's upgrading as this will render the modem nonoperational (running the upgrade procedure again should recover the modem however..).

When the upgrade has completed, restore the configuration and other user files, then reboot the modem (via software, not the power button) to activate your configuration.

Note: If you don't restore the files then the modem will only have the firmware defaults, which means only PPPoE routed/bridged connection wizards, and "Administrator" login with a blank password.

Note: Finding the firmware files may require a little searching on Google. Thomson only provides them to registered partners, but many partners or even local subsidiaries publishes them for their user convenience..